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Disciplinary <br/><strong><em>Investigations</strong></em>

SWR Dell Consultancy is able to provide you with a transparent, thorough and fair investigation until conclusion, providing you with regular updates on progress. We will present all of our investigation findings when required, following your disciplinary procedures and policies.


SWR Dell Consultancy is dedicated in ensuring all aspects of your complaints process stand up to scrutiny. We are available to investigate all stages of internal and external complaints in a timely manner ensuring fairness and transparency. We understand that customer focus along with performance is paramount.

Audits <br/><strong><em>and Reviews</strong></em>

SWR Dell Consultancy has the time, expertise and attention to detail to carry out audits and reviews of service and practice within your organisation. Providing an objective and independent assessment as well as identifying future training and develpoment needs.


SWR Dell Consultancy is available to provide qualified and independent mediation for any civil or commercial need. We have many years of experience in complex cases including public complaints, grievances, conduct and discipline and we are able and capable of utilising these skills and knowledge to assist in your mediation need.

Our <strong><em>Values</em></strong>

Every Client or Customer that SWR Dell Consultancy engage with will be treated fairly, objectively, respectfully and provided the opportunity to engage with us to make a difference.  

Our <strong><em>Philosophy</em></strong>

SWR Dell Consultancy believe that everyones needs are individual and we will endeavour to ensure that your needs are met and delivered.  


SWR Dell Consultancy’s mission is to provide all clients with an expert, independent and objective service every time you engage with us.   

What Our Clients Say

Professional, committed and hard-working, Stuart is an ideal independent consultant. Above all, Stuart is committed to determining the truth and ensuring regulations, policies and procedures are adhered to. He is forthright and fair, discreet, motivational and supremely knowledgeable in investigation techniques. His excellent interpersonal skills allow him to quickly build rapport with everyone he meets even in the most sensitive situations.
Stuart’s ability to quickly assess an environment and identify the necessary security requirements was so impressive that my business partner and I decided to engage Stuart both as an independent security consultant for our existing business but also to join us as a Director in a new business venture providing security assessments and services for commercial and residential properties. Stuart has been instrumental in the establishment of the new business and our existing business has benefited significantly from his knowledge, advice and involvement.

Director PHD Property Advisory

I worked alongside Stuart in our respective Detective roles within Serious and Organised Crime and more recently within a collaborated Professional Standards Department.
I have known Stuart for many years and during my professional working experience, Stuart has several personal strengths. He is a dedicated and industrious individual who will present well in any workplace. He has particularly high personal standards and strives to achieve the best outcome, irrespective of the barriers. Stuart sets realistic goals and has a high level of self-motivated determination.
I would highly recommend Stuart to work for, or on behalf, of your organisation. Stuart will be an extremely positive addition.

Senior Police Officer Hertfordshire Constabulary

Stuart is an experienced and tenacious investigator with a strong track record in investigative skills which has not disappointed. Stuart adapts with ease to challenges he faces and regularly receives praise for the thoroughness and high quality of his investigations.
Stuart has a strong track record in investigative skills and has not disappointed whilst working within the Professional Standards Department. I’m most grateful for Stuart’s contribution and thank you for your positivity through what has been a challenging 12 months.
Senior Police Officer Professional Standards Department

Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire Police

I would like to thank you for your professionalism whilst acting as the principal witness in a criminal prosecution in which a Police Officer was found guilty of assault. It is clear this crime would not have been properly dealt with, without your courage and determination in finding and portraying the truth. You have set the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in carrying out your duties. On behalf of Hertfordshire Constabulary, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation and thank you for your outstanding commitment and dedication to your duties. Assistant Chief Constable Hertfordshire Constabulary

From inception to completion, Stuart Dell has been the epitome of professional – literally from the first contact to the last I have felt completely satisfied that Stuart has had everything covered. His attention to detail is incredible and I was very confident that he would be fair and transparent in his interactions, that he would leave no stone unturned to ensure the most appropriate outcome – BUT what has been the absolute best thing for me as a Manager – is not once have I had to chase – he has kept me fully informed and updated at every step of the way. On a human level – he is compassionate, thoughtful and has been able to see things through the lens of those involved, taking the different perceptions and weaving a narrative that was credible and informed. It is with no reservation that I recommend Stuart Dell Consultancy.

Team Manager for a Local Authority Children’s Home

We have been extremely impressed by Stuart’s excellent consultative and customer service, his diligent investigative skills, his thorough and supportive documentation and his formal presentation. He has a very high standard of professionalism and is knowledgeable, informative and helpful at all stages. We have no hesitation in recommending Stuart as a professional investigator.

Chair of Governors and Headteacher for a Buckinghamshire Primary School

We have been extremely impressed by Stuart’s excellent consultative and customer service, his diligent investigative skills, his thorough and supportive documentation and his formal presentation. He has a very high standard of professionalism and is knowledgeable, informative and helpful at all stages. We have no hesitation in recommending Stuart as a professional investigator.

The Chair of Governors, The Downley School, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

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